Collective .1618 is a multi-disciplinary platform specializing in the conception and creation of bespoke and highly-curated, unique experiences across a range of verticals - luxury occasions, social, retail, fine dining and travel. Collective .1618’s foundational vision of inclusion and collaboration has fostered a synergistic and eclectic mix of partnerships that provide unrivaled exposure and vision.

.1618 Experiences

First and foremost a storyteller, with an unrivaled ability to conceive and conceptualize meaningful brand experiences by harnessing indepth research and trend-based global insights. Our scope may be broad, catering to various fields including social, retail, dining and cultural; but our principles are steadfast, to provide a highly unique, deeply relevant and relatable authentic experience to everything that we do. Our goal is to innovate communication helping unite, generate interest and increase bond visibility and provide social meaning.

People of .1618

An intellectual gathering of inspired, curious and passionate individuals that believe in the collective power of shared thoughts and ideas to enrich and inspire. The point of connection; that ahamoment and tipping point is what we strive for. A delicate balance that brings acceptance and moderation in thought and views, ultimately affecting positive change and providing a catalyst for advancements in the community at large.